How many klm’s do you do in your kitchen?

How many Klm’s do you do in your kitchen? Do you know? IKEA announced results from a worldwide survey….. The survey was conducted by ISOPUBLIC (a member of GALLUP International) via telephone and in-person interviews with 14,000 people in 28 countries from five continents including Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America. Respondents were

Are you stressed in your kitchen…..Watch the stress test today by Blum

Kitchen stress test by Blum Does the first kitchen remind you of someone’s or maybe it’s yours. Very often we visit homes where our clients kitchens are just like the first one but until they discover what alternatives are out there they do not realise just how stressful using their own kitchen has become.  

What a great idea from Caesarstone

Nerida Conway and Caesarstone have joined forces to bring you an insightful little video about the process of kitchen renovation.   It shows you just how simple it really can be when you take on board advice from qualified professionals and great quality products. Have a look and remember this the next time you are

Laminex Update

The Laminex update was held last night at Ballina in the beautiful Ramada “The Point” with many drinks consumed and lots of networking. It was great to see so many of our competitors come together to share in some common stories and a great sense of community was felt over the night (probably helped along