The Nook with No Name

Client,  “I just don’t know what I can put in there so I have left it blank for now”.

Sound familiar? Well it is, and a very common phrase we hear that goes along with it is “Well, it’s been like that for so long I just haven’t worried about it anymore.”

It’s time for a change, a shift in focus, a use for your Nook with No Name.

There are so many endless possibilities that are easy and yet work exceptionally well in creating a use for that space. It all comes down to you.

Are you one of those clients, who likes to read? Or maybe you and your family enjoy relaxed meals and conversation together? Maybe a wonderful view catches your eye when you walk past that window space, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a lovely chair to sit and reflect in front of that space.

Whatever your need, there is an answer.

St Helena Day Bed







Courtesy Property Shot Photography


Just because it is located near the kitchen doesn’t mean that nook needs to be a dining space. If you enjoy entertaining or even pure relaxation a day bed or seat is an ideal alternative as it creates both a welcoming place to sit and read or enjoy a wine and provides more seating space when entertaining.

Day Bed










Photo Courtesy Greg Lyon Building


An abundance of cushions makes a nook feel welcoming and warm, but be careful not to clutter the space too much or you may end up with that awful domestic argument about how many cushions is enough or not enough (and yes we all know we have had that discussion at some point). A little wall light or a small piece of artwork can instantly create a purpose for the zone as well and allows for some artistic flair of your own to come into play.











Photo Courtesy Solid Kitchens ‘n’ Cabinets


A space for a TV or even a fireplace is always a functional idea for a nook. In this example the wall has been pushed out to the eaves of the house to create a purpose built nook space to house the television and stereo equipment.

Floating timber shelving by Solid Kitchens 'n' Cabinets Kitchen











Photo Courtesy of Client           Photo Courtesy of Property Shot Photography


In a smaller space some floating shelves can be used to create more storage and display all those items you have collected over the years. Be careful though not to allow these shelves to fill with clutter. Make sure everything on your shelves either has a purpose or a meaning to you. Add a touch of life with some greenery from some plants.

Lennox Head Study







Photo Courtesy Client







Photo Courtesy David Taylor                Photo Courtesy Client


Clean lines and cupboards are always a simple and classic alternative for a small unused space off of the kitchen area. This can be used as an appliance area or a coffee zone, an office space or simply just some extra storage. Whatever the desired use for cupboards they always offer an easy clutter storage solution to ensure you can always keep your living space clean and tidy (Just don’t open the doors – ha ha!!!)

I always say, “Where there’s a nook there’s a knack for adding something.” Write one of those lists, that everyone loves to do these days, about your desires for what else you need within your home and one of those items on that list will most certainly be able to be incorporated into that disused and cluttered area. At least you will then be able to finally tick off something from a list and at the same time create some more functional space within your home. You might even get lucky and the space might actually become your sanctuary J Happy nooking!!