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If the clinical diagnosis issuspected, a chest roentgenogram (CXR) is indi-cated.

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The ease and functionality in kitchen design these days is a far cry from what our parents all had and even us for that matter. Designs and innovations are moving at an exceptionally fast rate and kitchens are no different.

For example, “Who would have thought you would be able to open all your kitchen cupboards and drawers with a simple push of the door/drawer?”


Well Blum have made it that simple.


Check out these videos to see just how easy it can be.

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How many Klm’s do you do in your kitchen? Do you know?

IKEA announced results from a worldwide survey…..

The survey was conducted by ISOPUBLIC (a member of GALLUP International) via telephone and in-person interviews with 14,000 people in 28 countries from five continents including Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America. Respondents were asked about general kitchen use, habits, needs and wants.

Nearly a fourth of worldwide respondents spend more time in the kitchen than any other place in the home with uses and activities expanding far beyond cooking. In fact, only 24 percent of respondents use the kitchen solely for the preparation of food. Thirty-five percent use the kitchen regularly for family discussions (including heated ones!), 35 percent for socializing and entertaining, 16 percent for hobbies, and 15 percent for playing with their children. As respondents grow older, the kitchen becomes increasingly more significant — after the age of 35, the kitchen beats out the bedroom in importance for both singles and married people.



We know just how much you all love socialising, family time, gourmet cooking etc…. It comes as no surprise to us that people rate their kitchen as one of the most used rooms of the house. Why not increase that valuable time spent in the kitchen on enjoyable things instead of walking vast distances to access regularly used items and putting up with sore backs from poorly stored items?

Check out this video and you will see what we mean….. then talk to us. 🙂 We can help you increase these times spent in your most used room to that of enjoyable and memorable moments.

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We are pleased to announce we have been awarded yet another award for Kitchen Design. We now go off to Sydney to compete in the overall NSW awards for 2012.

Thankyou to our wonderful client……without the ability to be able to have our creative ways this would not have been possible.

It is becoming a habit. Anyone would think we are kitchen designers too – Ohh hey wait a minute…. we are. 🙂

Yes, that’s right we can design kitchens as well as manufacture and install them which ensures all aspects of your future kitchen is looked after by the one team. This enables us to enhance your overall design as we are able to push the boundaries for you as far as possible -after all-  we are the one’s making it 🙂

We will keep you updated on how we go in Sydney.

What do you think of this kitchen? Retro or Farmers Style?